-Jerseyjesus of Ruairi-
-Scumbag of the Ruairi server-
-Homicidal Guild Member-



Well, with me practically finishing all the skillsets with nothing but loose edges to tighten, I’ve finally grown bored of Mabi. It’s about time I’ve moved on from this game and started getting my social life back together. Starting with moving in with my girlfriend in less than a week now.I know a lot of people disliked me on Ruairi server, but you have to admit, I am one of those people who always kept the game fun, interesting, and seemed to have always given players the motivation to leave Dunby and actually go play the game for what it’s intended for. 

I bid everyone a farewell. Friends, Fair-weathered friends, Scammers, Hackers, Trolls, EVG’ers, Duelers, Jew Merchants, Asian Merchants, Fashionogi’s, and Pros who are too self-absorbed to acknowledge your existence. Wouldn’t be where I was now if it weren’t for you guys, as much as it sucks to admit. I thought about making a list of people who are my friends, or who were once my friends who have helped me out atleast once or twice within the past 2 1/2 years of having Jerseyjesus, but I’m sure I’d miss a bunch of people and I would be here till I’m 80 trying to complete the list. 

Later, Ruairi!

-Will be back one last time within the month to return the sealed items that belonged to friends. But after that, I’m history.




There are trolls who are doing mean and cruel things in Ruairi!

I’ve played since closed beta, and the community has always been super nice. I’ve never ever ran into such mean people in this server before, it was heartbreaking that this happened to me.

If you see Vaultech or…

I’ve always countered their trolling by trolling myself and making fun of my own weight. ;-;


-Master of all 18 talents

-Almost 12k total

-3/5 100%’ed Collection Journals

-Most achievements unlocked

-Owns the biggest collection of weapons of all kind


Step 6

I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing. Grab any upgrade stones in your pets, and report to the nearest upgrade anvil. Right now, no ifs ands or buts, NOW!!! Step 6 is the way of the future, step 6 is life! You won’t believe the significant change in your damage from going step 6. I guarantee the first person to read this and listen to me will succeed. In fact, I will give anyone the needed upgrade stone in order to step 6! Just note or add me in game! Remember kids, step 6 or go home!!!!