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Step 6

I don’t care who you are or what you’re doing. Grab any upgrade stones in your pets, and report to the nearest upgrade anvil. Right now, no ifs ands or buts, NOW!!! Step 6 is the way of the future, step 6 is life! You won’t believe the significant change in your damage from going step 6. I guarantee the first person to read this and listen to me will succeed. In fact, I will give anyone the needed upgrade stone in order to step 6! Just note or add me in game! Remember kids, step 6 or go home!!!!


by Anonymous


I heard it’s a trend to post your wish list in the mabi tag so here’s mine.

1. To be in the top 10 players..oh wait I already am =)
2. To get every skill rank 1 (which I’m already close to doing)

Another rant.

How come Nexon only acknowledges the fashionogis and the artists who do commissions? I’m not trying to insult anyone (atleast not this time =) ) Because a lot of the community’s artists do an outstanding job with their drawings. But it just seems those are the only type of people who are relevant to the game, nowadays. Whenever they do mini events, only people who I see win are people who suck up to the GMs, and the people who only play fashionogi. Should be a little bit of everyone, not just a certain group of people. :l